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Tape Weft hair extensions by A Star Hair.

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Tape Weft Hair Extensions

Add length and volume with our Tape Weft Extension – create thick, long, luscious hair and it can all be done as a quick application.


This is one of the latest crazes to hit the hair industry and, for good reasons, it has become a popular choice, both in terms of results and also the short application time required to get the look you yearn for.


Pre bonded extensions


These extensions are pre-bonded, and are neatly applied to perfect sections working toward the top of the head, in neat rows.


Long lasting and easy to apply


A Star Hair applied Tape Weft hair extensions can last up to three months in your hair with correct aftercare and maintenance and the hair can then be re-applied.


Because they are easy to apply it’s a fast option for adding volume or length to natural hair. Our Tape in extensions are not only comfortable to wear but also re-usable, saving our clients time and money.


Short on time?


Our Tape Weft hair extensions are great for a client with minimal time – it takes around 40 minutes.