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New Hairdressing Services

Brazilian Blow Dry


Following extensive training A Star Hair is delighted to be able to offer the Brazilian Blow Dry.


Wow – this innovative treatment, developed in Brazil, beautifully transforms your hair by using natural Keratin sources – these penetrate your hair, and by doing so, repairs internal damage, coats the hair leaving smooth, and silky straight hair.


In really simple terms it’s a semi-permanent way of smoothing and improving the condition of your hair whilst making it far more manageable.


This professional hair service puts straightening serums and special shampoos out of the picture for good giving you a beautiful blow dry kink-free finish for months, every time you wash your hair.


So what is a Brazilian Blow Dry?


Quite unlike relaxers or thermal conditioning, the Brazilian Blow Dry straightens your hair without either damaging or changing its natural texture, indeed it actually enhances and repairs it. The treatment itself starts to condition, moisturise and reconstruct your hair, leaving you with shiny, soft and more manageable hair.


The treatment uses natural sources of Keratin which gets into the hair and repairs internal damage whilst coating the outside to prevent further damage.


This unique 12-week blow dry is unique and unlike some treatments, it does not damage your hair. Keratin is the primary protein normally found in the skin and hair, and, once applied, the mixture sits on the hair cuticle not penetrating into the cortex and the results are immediately visible.


How long does the treatment take and how long should it last?


The treatment takes around two hours – and after this, care and styling is almost effortless with minimum blow drying for up to three months.


Next time you have a Brazilian Blow Dry – the treatment lasts even longer and it is designed to help eliminate frizzy hair, unruly curl and smooth waves without simply flattening the surfaces to many other straightening treatments.


Hair type suitability?


Simply it is suitable for all hair types and is particularly effective for rejuvenating damaged and chemically treated hair – bleached, hi-lights, coloured, permed, relaxed or previously straightened.