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Nano Ring hair extensions by A Star Hair.

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Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano ring is the smallest hair extension available and, being about 90% smaller than, say, a normal sized Micro Ring, our Nano Ring is virtually invisible in the hair.


The Nano Ring hair extension brought to you by A Star Hair mobile hair salon, is probably one of the most popular hair extension systems used within the hair industry. Without using heat or glue, Nano Ring extensions are less detectable than other ring systems enabling the hair to look completely natural.


Damage free


If you are seeking high quality real hair extensions but have been previously concerned about damage to you hair, then think again. This is probably your ideal solution. Quick to apply, the Nano Ring can change your look in double quick time.


The miniature extensions are simply applied via a loop tool and closing equipment. Neatly applied this tiny extension system is absolutely ideal for finer hair, and with correct aftercare and maintenance, will last up to four months.


The finished look styled by A Star Hair is stunning, and creates a seamless finish in your hair.