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Micro Ring Weft hair extensions by A Star Hair.

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Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions

First time for hair extensions? Got a special occasion coming up or simply fed up with your own hair?


If you want thick, long and luscious looking hair and maybe have never tried hair extensions before – then this could be for you.


Quick and easy from A Star Hair – your local mobile hairdresser


If time is at a premium for you but you still want the look, then Micro Ring Weft hair extensions can be applied within 40 minutes and are easily maintained and the hair is easily re-used which will further save your money.


How does it work?


Wefts of hair are applied to your natural hair. Faster than the strand-by-strand micro ring or pre-bonded methods, as fewer micro rings that needed to be applied to the weft. Micro ring wefts combine both the micro ring attachment and a hair weft.


Small sections of the natural hair are threaded through each tiny micro ring and then the micro ring is clamped flat to secure it in place. Micro wefts are very fast to apply and cause zero damage to your own hair. This is continued in sections until almost reaching the top of the head.


Yes – Its glue and heat-free


Low maintenance and long lasting


With sensible care and maintenance Micro Ring Weft hair extensions can last anything between 3-6 months so are excellent value and you still have THE look.


Call Ashleigh today and you don’t even have the effort of going to a salon – what could be easier?