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Micro Rings hair extensions by A Star Hair.

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Micro Rings Hair Extensions

Micro Rings, sometimes also called micro bead or micro loop are perfect for a longer-term solution and are great for styling; curls, straight or whatever takes your fancy.


Single extensions are applied using a micro ring, and done well, will give you a beautiful full and natural looking head of hair.


How do A Star Hair apply Micro Rings?


Micro Rings are fairly easy to apply compared to some methods of hair extensions.


They are applied strand by strand and using similar sizes of your own hair these tiny rings hold the extension in place without glues, heat or chemicals or weaving and crate no stress to the hair or roots.


Applied simply with a loop tool and closing pliers and with the skill of A Star Hair as usual they are applied working up the head in uniform rows.


Safe and straightforward


As this type of extension involves no heat or glue, the have become increasingly popular.




Micro rings can last up to 4 months with sensible aftercare and maintenance – and again the hair can be re-applied saving you money.


Cost-effective Micro Rings and yet so fashion and style orientated


The micro rings are fairly easy to remove from the hair, which makes them a good choice for a special occasion or say for adding fashion colours with risk to your own hair – and giving you the option of changing colours as often as you like. You could add highlights or lowlights or even funky colours.


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