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Fusion Bonding hair extensions by A Star Hair.

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Fusion Bonding Hair Extensions

In today’s world it seems that is easier to spot a celebrity not wearing hair extensions as it is now THE must-have accessory.


Really popular hair extension type


Fusion bonding remains really popular within the hair industry and remains a firm celebrity favourite as it is almost undetectable in the hair.


Most of us like to use it to add length and volume.


What is Fusion Bonding?


Simply put, it is a hot method using U-tip / nail tip extensions applied via a heat connector, in order to fuse the hair extension to your natural hair.


How do you go about it?


We bond individual strands of hair to very small sections of your own hair, usually with a Keratin-based resin (natural hair protein).


The bonds are coloured similarly to match your own hair extensions and are about the size of a rice grain, which is an advantage as it makes it hard to detect.


The bonds are applied to perfect sections and, can be adapted – so if you have, say, really fine hair, the bonds can be trimmed before application in order to make them smaller.


Fusion Bonding by A Star Hair allows maximum colour placement of the extensions – these can also be applied in colour combinations to create highlights and lowlights or colour flashes.


It can be used pretty close to the hair line as it is so hard to detect.


How long will my Fusion Bonding last?


It lasts up to 4 months with correct care and maintenance which makes it popular and cost-effective – especially with the look you can attain.